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Saturday, October 3, 2015

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Jacqueline T. Johnson

Author of

Shattered Time

(Volume 3 of a series)


Tune in to XTRA 99.1FM to hear the Author interviewed by Neal Steele on CBW's Second Monday monthly broadcast, August 10th at about 8:05AM. If you miss the live broadcast, play the podcast here.


About the Book


The friendship Erich shared with Nash withstood the test of time that allowed the next generation to mirror their path paved by war and deceit. Their friendship was based on trust with an underling hint of secrecy. They fought kings, enemies and each other but their bond has endured until now. Will their friendship be shattered by Nash's curiosity? Will the Dweller nation force Erich to choose the life of one man in order to protect the future of a nation?

Review from

The twists and turns between Erich and Nash continue in Jacqueline Johnson’s third book, Shattered Time. The unexpected turn of events kept me riveted to find out what was going to happen to the families I have come to love. Her first book, Test of Time introduced us into the love/hate relationship of Erich and Nash. The adventures continue in her second book, Mirror in Time where we wonder if their friendship can be enough or will one die. In her third book, Erich and Nash have survived, but will the next generation. You won’t believe what secrets will be revealed as you read the third book in series. Will there be a fourth book in this series? I can’t wait to find out.  -- John R. Terrell


About the Author

Writing is an expression of who I am. It is where my emotions, thoughts and dreams come alive. My inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. For me, inspiration for the Sons of Meir series began twenty years ago. My youngest son was obsessed with the Disney cartoon Peter Pan. We watched the video daily. I began to know the story from beginning to end. I could actually quote the characters, but there is one scene where Captain Hook blows up Peter Pan’s tree house. As Peter cries out for Tinker Bell’s light not to go out, I questioned, "Could a man love a woman so much that he could feel her pain?" From that one question I was inspired to write four books…Test of Time, Mirror in Time, Shattered Time….look for book four in the near future.

I've been asked "As an African American, how did I become interested in fantasy writing?"

     1. Writing in the fantasy/science fiction genre opens an unlimited avenue in a writer’s imagination.

     2. To think that African-Americans do not write, watch or read fantasy in a time when fantasy/science fiction dominates the media and entertainment is unrealistic.

     3. To those who aspire to be a science fiction writer, I would say don’t allow preconceptions of who or what a fantasy/science fiction writer should look like guide your dreams.

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