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Virginia Writers Club Symposium 

August 6

Three of our members have been chosen to speak at the Virginia Writers Club symposium. Bradley Harper is the keynote speaker and he's giving a workshop. Patti Gaustad Procopi is presenting a workshop on writing memoirs-fact or fiction. James Tobin (aka J. E. Tobin) will present, Illusions of speech? Writing great dialogue.

You can find more information on the VWC website.

Caterina Novelliere on Neal Steele Show
August 8, 2022

Caterina Novelliere interview with Neal Steele on 99.1 FM  on War Rising.

What is one Horsemen's life worth?
Peace never lasts long for a Horseman. The years of relative calm Rayne Warwick has enjoyed are coming to an end as trouble stirs in medieval Spain. Unlike the last time remnants from his past surfaced, there is no reburying them. Rayne must disclose who he once was and relive the sins of his prior existence if he wants to protect his family. But if he does so, he fears forever losing Grace, whom he promised never to keep such secrets from.
Grace knows her husband is far from a saint. No man of war has clean hands. Neither did she once she became the Morte Defensore. After finding herself caught in the crossfire of a demon turf war and a failed kidnapping attempt on their son by a band of time-traveling humans, Grace asks Rayne to share whatever he is hiding about his past. 
Isra, a female djinn overseeing Lucifer’s affairs in Spain, and Malik, the human ruler of the Cordovan Emirate, manipulate events to bring Rayne back to Al-Andalus. Rayne confronts mortal and immortal alike as Malik and Isra deploy heavy-handed tactics in a deadly gambit to seize control of the Iberian Peninsula.
Faced with the age-old question of “what is one life worth?,” Rayne hopes Grace values the Horseman he has become enough to forgive his trespasses. Will he crumple underneath the weight of his past, or will he embrace what he once was for a chance to live a life free of his one remaining fear?
Accompany Rayne into the past to discover how one man evolves into the High Council’s most powerful harbinger: War.

Lauran strait

Reserve Now for September 14, 2022  Luncheon Program
Speaker: Lauran Strait 

Creating characters within a vivid and continuous fictional dream.

Use the registration below to reserve your spot or click this link. 

Our guest speaker at the September 14th luncheon will be Lauran Strait. She is a former writing instructor and workshop facilitator at the Adult Learning Center in Virginia Beach and is the co-founder and acting executive director of Hampton Roads Writers as well as the president of the Board of Directors and the annual conference director.

She occasionally teaches writing workshops for HRW, the Muse Writers Center, and other local writing groups. She also works as a freelance book editor for a few select clients.

Her print and online work appears in Dog-eared, The Gator Springs Gazette, Atomic Petals, Retrozine, The Copperfield Review, A Woman of a Certain Age, Moondance Magazine, Monkey Bicycle, Insolent Rudder, LongStoryShort, Edifice Wrecked, The Virginian Pilot, Whistling Shade Literary Review, Somewhat.org, The Green Tricycle, Reading Divas, The Angler, Salome Magazine, Quiction, Bewildering Stories, Tiny Lights—a flash in the pan, Down in the Cellar, Tuesday Shorts, Six Sentences, and HeavyGlow. Some of her other fiction and creative nonfiction appear in anthologies such as Random House’s Knitlit the Third—We Spin More Yarns, Better Non Sequitur’s See You Next Tuesday, and Smith Magazine’s Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak.

More information about Lauran can be found online. https://www.tidewaterfamily.com/learning-fun/lauran-strait-the-craft-of-writing https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauranstrait less

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October 16, 2022,
Sunday, 2:00 p.m.
Robin T Williams Presents A Workshop on Character and Dialog
Location TBA

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On October 16th Robin Williams will teach a workshop on character and dialog. It will be about 1 1/2 hours of prep, practice, and teaching.

Robin earned an M.A. from the prestigious creative writing program at Hollins University and spent five years as a feature writer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, where she won frequent statewide recognition for her writing, including as a finalist for UPI’s Journalist of the Year.

The manuscript for The Key to the Quarter Pole received the sixth biennial Best Unpublished Novel award sponsored by Richmond Magazine and James River Writers. Chapters from that book and from The Last Romantic War have received various literary awards.

 The Last Romantic War, a bio-memoir of her family in World War II, was published in 2019. Robin has published two collections of humorous newspaper columns, Chivalry, Thy Name Is Bubba, drawn from the Times-Dispatch, The Goochland Free Press and other sources, and Bush Hogs and Other Swine, which includes a foreword by Earl Hamner, creator of “The Waltons”.

Robin lives on a farmette in Virginia with her husband and the usual cats, dogs and horses. She is a recovering craftaholic.

More information about Robin can be found online.
Stephen mcguire author interview

October 20, 2022
Stephen McGuire - CBW Author Interview

Please register to attend.

Please join Chesapeake Bay Writers on October 20, 2022, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm Eastern Time for a club meeting featuring Stephen McGuire’s novel, Fractured Power, 
a dark and haunting psychological thriller. Fractured Power is about Aiden Fletcher, a District Attorney, whose office investigates a rash or murders of women in Knoxville, Tennessee. He uses his position to manipulate the evidence while pursuing a serial killer whose arrest and trial puts Fletcher in the public limelight and forever changes the trajectory of his extraordinarily treacherous life.The book is available in paperback via this link on Amazon.

Steve had a 30+ year legal career serving as an attorney and a federal judge in Washington, DC. He retired in 2008 as the Chief Judge of the Federal Trade Commission, where he received its Distinguished Service Award and was honored by President George W. Bush for his service to the nation’s judiciary. He has had extensive speaking engagements in bookstores, libraries, country clubs, civic associations, art centers, and radio shows primarily in Southwest Florida. Steve lives in Naples, Florida, with his wife, Doris, their golden retriever, Henry, and a mini goldendoodle, Alfie. To learn more, please visit www.stephenmcguireauthor.com   

Sign up now for your chance to be on the CBW Second Monday Radio Show in 2022 on Xtra 99.1 FM

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Neal Steel interviews authors with new books every second Monday of the month.  This is a wonderful, FREE, way to promote your new book.
Check out some authors that have gone before you.  For more details contact Patti Procopi

NEW!  See Resources Page for List of Book Reviews from
Chesapeake Style's Books in Style

Chesapeake Style Magazine offers Books in Style reviews for authors of recently published books. Members of CBW or its critique groups are encouraged to ask someone request guidelines and write an original 500-word review and send it with a high-resolution image of the book's front cover. Reviews are not limited to members, but CBW folks should take advantage of this special opportunity to share news of your work in issues with a distribution of 10,000 copies in the Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck and Williamsburg.

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