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When the South Wind Blows: The Untold Story of the Phantom of the Carolina Coast

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By Ginny Brock
"When the South Wind Blows" is based on an old legend. It begins during the waning days of the Civil War, at the abandonment of Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
An officer in the confederate navy, Ross Stanley, has been marooned there and is trying to get home to his father's plantation on Pawley's Island and the girl he plans to marry - if she still wants him. It is a tale of adventure with his childhood friend Zack, a plantation slave and the son of the root doctor Sadie Jones who wet nursed both him and Ross when Ross's mother was unable to care for him.
The story makes a trail through the dangers of the flooded swamps, heart break, black magic, and a love so strong, it crosses dimensions.

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The Writer's Cottage

The writer's cottage
By Ginny Brock

"The Writer's Cottage" is the sequel to "When the South blows." It opens, surprisingly, and mysteriously, in 2019 in Charlotte's International Airport. A military helicopter crashes, Claire Kincaid, a young photojournalist, faces the photo op of a lifetime as she rushes to the helicopter and snaps a shot of the sole survivor, never dreaming that that one snap of her camera will change her life forever.Their eyes meet and a flash of recognition passes between them, opening into a time long ago, sending her down the dark corridors of old family scandals and reigniting a love story that spans centuries. It  travels through the mysterious history of the South Carolina coast, threatening to spill her life and her sanity into a miasma of unreality,  where nothing is as it seems. Murder, intrigue, the sadness of interracial relationships will keep you turning pages, and sharply drawn characters  will stay with you long after the last word is read.

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Sweet Tea and Vinegar Pie

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By Denise DeVries

When a retired Baltimore teacher steps off the steamboat in Virginia, she expects a short stay in Hull Crossing while she saves for the journey of her dreams. All she wants is to be left alone. Instead, Myra Jean Evans immediately becomes grist for the gossip mill led by Sarabell Simms, who has her own secrets to hide. Forced to adapt to a completely unfamiliar environment, Myra Jean must confront her own assumptions and make some changes, with repercussions on the lives of everyone around her.

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Prickly pear lemonade

Prickly Pear Lemonade

By Denise DeVries

Disaster threatens Myra Jean's Arizona honeymoon with Walter Cates, at the very least causing them to question some of their choices. Meanwhile, their friends back in Hull Crossing are caught in a power struggle between Sarabell Simms and her younger, meaner rival Lida Grace Loomis. Will Walter and his bride come home to big changes, or will they decide to extend their adventure?

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Garfield's Train

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By Feather Schwartz Foster

President Garfield dies in Long Branch, NJ in 1881.   Fictional characters interact with the real people.  Good for young adults as well as just plain adults.

LADIES: A Conjecture of Personalities

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By Feather Schwartz Foster

First Ladies from Martha Washington to Mamie Eisenhower "write" their own chapters, and ev erybody (thru Hillary Clinton) chimes in with commentary.
Enjoyable and humorous book.​

The Wealth of a Nation:
Blackbeard's Legacy

Bbeard. med
By Barbara McLennan

Blackbeard and his fleet sail the Atlantic coast and Caribbean capturing many ships and enriching themselves.  Andrew Morgan from Virginia, Blackbeard’s gunner, invests his shares with a banker in Philadelphia. Andrew visits friends in Virginia and agrees to bring along young Benjamin Harrison on one of his spring voyages. Ben is eighteen, has just completed his studies, and has been promised in marriage to a daughter of King Carter of Virginia.
Ben witnesses Blackbeard’s election as captain and impresses Blackbeard with his education and family background. Blackbeard allows him to become assistant navigator on his ship and Ben is included, along with the navigator, in meetings of the ship’s officers. When they get to the Bahamas, Ben, who has made enemies, duels with the previous assistant navigator.  He also meets the governor of Jamaica and becomes aware of the dangers awaiting Blackbeard and other privateers.
Upon their return to the mainland Andrew marries his banker’s daughter and is present when Blackbeard blockades Charles Towne harbor.  Ben, who has received a small ship from Blackbeard for his hard work at sea, returns to Virginia and is elected burgess.
Ben meets Governor Spotswood and participates in Spotswood’s fall in Virginia politics.  Ben also learns of Spotswood’s plan to murder Blackbeard and travels to Ocracoke trying to warn the captain. There, from another ship, he witnesses Blackbeard’s assassination at the hands of Spotswood’s hired killers.
Andrew and Ben live through the aftermath: trials, executions, political recrimination from London and North Carolina, Spotswood’s seizure of large tracts of property, and Spotswood’s eventual replacement as governor. This is followed by marriages, new families, new businesses, the growth of trade and manufacturing, and fond memories of Blackbeard.

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The Wealth of Jamestown

W. of
By Barbara McLennan
The history of Virginia reflects the character and goals of the people who lived there, including the women who often ran the plantations and made the deals that became the foundation of the wealth and the basis of the laws.
William Roscoe, young Virginia planter and sheriff, and Sarah Harrison, daughter of one of Virginia’s wealthiest planters, are engaged and in love, but Sarah is forced by her father for business reasons to break the engagement and marry James Blair, Commissary of the Church of England.
She retains her dowry and wealth, and while Blair goes to England to lobby for a college of which he’d be President, she continues her relationship with William. She has a baby to be raised by her brother as Benjamin Harrison IV, and continues accumulating property. She and William come to own two sailing ships, and William begins trade with pirates in the new city of Charles Towne.  Blair returns to Virginia and raises disputes with Governor Andros and his council.
Blair goes back to London and accuses Andros of various offenses before an ecclesiastical court there. With the war with France finished, Andros decides to retire and return to England. Blair takes credit for removing the governor and selecting the new governor. He returns to a colony that is bursting with wealth and growth and excitement, over which he wants to exercise power, but which he doesn’t understand.

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The Wealth of Virginia
By Barbara McLennan

The Wealth of Virginia
which carries our Virginians through the next decade (1699-1710) following The Wealth of Jamestown,  is now available. The book received the following review from Kirkus:
Sarah Harrison Blair is the sort of historical figure who demands fictional interpretation. Married to one of the founders of the College of William & Mary, the (as characterized in McLennan’s novel) loathsome James Blair, Sarah has the business acumen and independent streak to rival any of Colonial America’s male adventurers. She is neither shy with a pistol nor afraid to work alongside the laborers in her family’s tobacco fields, if that’s what will get the job done. (“Darlin’, welcome to Virginia justice,” she tells one man. “If you keep still, I won’t blow your head off.”)
The Colonial Virginia world in which Sarah operates needs people like her. It’s something of a free-for-all, with ineffectual governors coming and going, uncertainty about where to establish the colony’s capital (Williamsburg is being considered), and perpetual tensions and threats of fighting. Yet it’s also a place where democratic values are coalescing, a development made all the more evident in contrast to London, which Sarah and James visit. There, they encounter poverty and abuse all but directly caused by the old system. They also come across some truly rip-roaring excitement, complete with duels and romance.
McLennan writes astutely about the political anxieties of the era-the novel spans the years 1699 to 1710-and depicts a lively world of pirates and paramours. Some observations are made repetitiously. For instance, American Colonial women are more financially savvy than privileged British women, and aristocrats are profligate. And the good guys are exceedingly good, the bad exceedingly bad; several characters are all but evil villains.
This novel will particularly appeal to readers interested in the early planning of Williamsburg.

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Washington's Shadow

Washington's shadow front 02
By Barbara N. McLennan
Jane Powell, daughter of Leven Powell, cares for her widowed mother while waiting for the return of her betrothed, George Morgan White Eyes, who disappeared out west.  Jane thinks George is dead, killed by agents of Thomas Jefferson.
Jane’s father fought with George Washington at Valley Forge and for his services received warrants for land in Ohio which he gave to his oldest son Billy. When Jane’s two brothers visit their mother they find Billy who is being chased by thugs claiming his land. Billy tells them that George Morgan White Eyes is alive.
Billy leaves for Winchester, where he meets George Morgan White Eyes and  fighters from Ohio. Billy’s brother Cuthbert, mayor of Alexandria, sends militia to help, and his brother Burr, member of Virginia’s General Assembly, goes to Winchester hoping to negotiate a settlement.
Sally, Leven’s widow, and her house servants anxiously send their grandchildren through the woods to Winchester to find news of Billy. These four teenagers, two boys and two girls, make it through the dark woods but survive attackers and are rescued by a mother bear. By the time all principals get near Winchester there are several hundred armed men ready to face each other in battle over the Ohio land.

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Jeff schnader the serpent papers

The Serpent Papers

The Serpent Papers
by Jeff Schnader

A finalist in the Blue Moon Novel Competition of 2021, The Serpent Papers is set at Columbia University during the Vietnam War era of the 1970s. The war created a generational rift between those who fought and those who protested which this novel aims to heal with rapprochement.

The story is about two friends, one who enters college and the other who volunteers to fight in Vietnam, as they confront the fear, violence and issues of conscience surrounding the war which remains the defining event of its generation.

Summary: J-Bee, son of a military officer, is raised in a violent milieu during the 1960s. After his brother is persecuted by bullies, J-Bee commits a retaliatory act of brutality which scars him.

When his best friend, Gilly, volunteers to fight in Vietnam, J-Bee—repulsed by his own violence—refuses to follow either his father or Gilly into the military. Instead, he matriculates at Columbia in 1971 in an era of counterculture in order to seek his redemption.

While there, he is introduced to the mysterious Serpent, a coffeehouse sage, and to the politically active Margo who schools him in anti-war politics and the virtues of peace. Although he feels loyalty to his friend fighting overseas, he increasingly sympathizes with Margo’s rationale against the war. Torn between supporting the war or protesting against it, J-Bee’s paradoxical feelings are ignited when Gilly, on furlough from Vietnam, visits him at Columbia.

With ratcheting tensions and bullhorns leading students in protest, pro-war and anti-war factions collide in campus riots, and J-Bee makes the choice that defines his life.

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Gold and Steel

Gold and steel cover sm
By Robert Webb

An embattled noble in feudal Japan hires a team of ninja to take his daughter to a place where she will be safe from his enemies.  They are pursued relentlessly by samurai in the service of a rival lord.

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