Create A Family Museum and Save Your History: How to find Space, Create, Organize, Preserve and Display Family Heirlooms, Treasures and Memories

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By Elizabeth Goesal

STOP throwing or giving your Memories away and START creating Your Family Museum today! We know most things these days are mass-produced, used, expended and discarded. However, what about those things your family has now that have lasted, perhaps several lifetimes? These things should be retained and protected because this is your material genealogy: your lineage, your family tree, your history. Within these pages, learn how to create a family museum and save your history by finding the space, organizing, preserving and displaying precious family heirlooms, treasures and memories! You want to save your family heirlooms, antiques, keepsakes and other items that document your heritage; however, you doubt there is space in your home to showcase your history. Have no doubt because this is what this book is all about. There are 230 photographs that will show what and how things in the author’s family museum are displayed, with directions and hints as just how to achieve a very organized setting that chronicles your family’s story. There is a reference guide that lists websites for the materials you need and a list of illustration credits for all the images in the book. Throughout the book there are inspirational quotes that are encouraging and motivating. So get ready to create your Family Museum. Make a concerted effort to preserve your heritage. It is a vital link to your cultural, educational, artistic, inspirational and economical legacies — all of the things that literally make you who you are. Elizabeth Goesel is a former fine arts dealer and art gallery proprietor, docent at a fine arts museum, published author on eighteenth century Colonial American history, enthusiastic collector, genealogist and avid memorialist. Her blog offers details about creating a family museum.

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Power Steering

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By M. J. Scott

Power Steering is a series of vignette experiences where the intuitive inspiration has been recorded.  A touch of Higher Power has been sensed in bringing these refreshing insights into our visual and conceptual awareness. These real, live experiences delve into the humanity of people who have a need and the intuitive has directed the author to respond. There's a mysterious thread of questioning if this is the right time and place to become involved. The sensitivity of the vignettes is shared for lifting everyday life into awareness that we all can be connected. Recording these episodes as otherwise would be lost to our busy lives and to the author.

This purpose is exciting and meeting so many walks of life on our planet earth.  Touches of psychology, sociology and philosophy blend into Power Steering.

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Published! Now $ell It!

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Co-authors Mary Montague Sykes, Joseph Guion, Jean Keating, Mildred Roberson and E.R. Kallus. This is a "How to" book for writers, by writers for marketing and promotion of their published books.

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How to Buy Your First Horse

By Susan Williamson
With years of experience as a riding instructor, Susan Williamson uses her knowledge and experience to guide the first time horse buyer.

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