Daughter of the Mountains

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By Sharon Canfield Dorsey

A “dreams do come true” story in prose and poetry, chronicling the author’s journey through childhood in Appalachia, marriage, divorce, single parenting, travel adventures with a new love, plus, the enlightenment and humor of aging in our technological era. At the end of the book, you will feel as if you have made a new friend.

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Awakening Soul

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By Tracy Lanum
When local journalist and author Tracy Lanum was seven years old, she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Her family never came to terms with the disease. She describes their sense of bereavement following her diagnosis. Her daily struggle to cope with their sense of loss carried through from her childhood to her adult years. She wanted very much to win their love and approval, but her life-altering diagnosis ended any chance of a normal life.

This inspiring story is Tracy’s memoir of growing up “afflicted”, and have the inner strength to cope. She has written a moving and personal testimony of the harsh reality and consequences of never feeling “quite right”, and of her parents and their inability to accept her because of her diabetes. Tracy writes of her bewilderment, questions, pitfalls, explorations, shortcomings, mistakes, poor decisions and truthfulness throughout her lifetime as she searches for herself. She had the stamina, courage and honesty to make herself vulnerable by revealing her innermost questions of herself and others.

Anyone who grew up “less than perfect” will understand Tracy’s struggle to fit in to the family hierarchy. By the end, we believe you will agree that her battle over a lifetime has indeed awakened her soul.
Tracy Lanum is a native of Warren, Ohio, now living in Gloucester, Virginia. She has lived in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and California, where she was employed for16 years as a social worker in Child Welfare and Adult Protective Services.
She won third place in the Chesapeake Bay Writers 2016 Golden Nib Contest in the non-fiction category. She serves on the board of The Writers Guild of Virginia.

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By Christian Pascale

This collection of stories presents a mixture of truth and fiction akin to J.D. Salinger’s "Catcher in the Rye” or John Glassco’s “Memoirs of Montparnasse.”

Sometimes told in the third person and sometimes in first person, the stories have several common themes that reverberate through them. The first series of stories include the themes of innocence, coming of age, finding oneself, being a loner, learning not to judge others, the need for companionship, how to face death, the afterlife, disillusionment with religion, and can we make a difference in this world.
The second series follows a young man’s experiences in France. They explore the expat life of a youth who goes in search of adventure and self-knowledge and describe his quest to find himself. In them, he falls in love with a city, deals with jealousy and unrequited love, survives and thrives as a tennis coach, and finally learns a truth that takes him back to the original memories.

In the last section, four stories, all told in the third person, explore the life of diplomats living in imaginary countries. The stories address social issues such as corruption and violence, and the main characters must come to terms with the paradox of encountering wonderful people living in corrupt and violent societies.

I believe that writing is a way of communication with the wider world and a means to transmit something of what we have experienced. Each new experience contributes to who we are, and I would not be who I am without having lived and loved and met such a wide variety of characters. Although some of the stories are not completely true to life's experiences, they are based on what I have seen, a reality sometimes time ugly, but often wonderful and beautiful. Each experience taught me something of life's basic values. Without the ability to cherish what is good in ourselves and others we have nothing. So I write because I cannot afford not to write, just as I cannot afford not to breathe. When I write, I draw on what is within my soul, an essence which pours out and hopefully allows me to touch the soul of the reader.

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