King of Clubs: The Great Golf Marathon of 1938

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By Jim Ducibella

Two Chicago stockbrokers can't settle their differences of whether or not to dispose of 296 acres of Virginia waterfront property. So they make a winner-take-all bet that one of them -- James Smith Ferebee -- can't play 144 holes of golf in one day. When Ferebee does it, and then appears on Ripley's Believe It Or Not radio program a couple of days later, Depression-immersed America is suddenly infected with golf-marathon fever.
And that's when the two men and their friends and associates concoct the "golf marathon to end all marathons."
The true story of one man's quest to play 600 holes of golf over 4 consecutive days in 8 different cities, starting in Los Angeles and ending in New York.

Local Color

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By Gwen Keane
Gwen Keane, born and raised  in the rural area of the Northern Neck of Virginia grew up there in the 1950s.  While she did leave home for an education, she always returned on week-ends. Gwen takes the reader back to an era when life was simple, but everything was not equal, as segregation was alive and well. Yet the people in the community, all people, looked out for each other. Gwen allows the reader insight into local lives, local characters, communities and events. The book is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and The Book Nook in Kilmarnock.
Gwen Keane (cell:804-436-2766)
Author of "Local Color" and "Swan Wait".

Swan Wait

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By Gwen Keane

A heartwarming story of a couple's relationship over the years with several mute swans.  Not only is it a true story and the experiences shared by the author and her husband, it includes color photographs they took during significant events shared with the swans.  Great book for children or adults to learn about the challenge of survival by Mute Swans and the valuable lesson of respecting our wildlife.  (http://www.

Creating Joy & Meaning for the Dementia Patient

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By Ronda Parsons

Yes, it is possible to create moments of joy for the dementia patient! Based on 10 years of caregiving experience, the techniques offered here honor the patient's individuality, interests, and previous accomplishments. This approach is fresh and inspirational, and recounts a personal journey filled with relatable experiences that readers will find uplifting and brimming with hope. But most importantly, it honors the unique individual that still resides deep inside every dementia patient by offering techniques enabling them to continue to experience the simple joys of everyday life.