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Measured Moments

Measured moments

This poetry anthology was edited by Denise DeVries and includes some of her poetry and art.

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Tapestry20171019 18097 110ntp8
By Sharon Canfield Dorsey

TAPESTRY weaves a poetic pilgrimage through life's maze of joy, pathos, obstacles, victories, told with honesty and humor.  It is a reminder that the human spirit overcomes, heals, and finds joy at all ages. From a childhood in Appalachia, this daughter of a coal miner takes you along on her journey through divorce, single parenting, and fortuitously, in her forties, meeting her soul mate. The poems reflect her search, through the years, for roots, truth, justice and love. Her story will make you smile and will inspire the want-a-be dragon slayer that lives in each of us.

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Soul Cookies

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By Janice Hoffman
Soul Cookies presents a variety of subjects, primarily in free verse but a few in traditional form, as well—from the birth of a child to the death of another, from Eve to Hamlet, from a little girl in Mexico to the author’s mother and dogs and roses. With poems born out of joy, sorrow, and sometimes humor, Janice Hoffman hopes to evoke emotions and provide comfort regarding universal heart issues. She offers you cookies for your soul.

The melodious and emotionally riveting poems in Janice Hoffman’s Soul Cookies recount familial victories and challenges while also revealing the poet’s reverence for literary and historical figures, as well as her astute comprehension of art. Her meticulous imagery and attention to detail vivify an array of characters in poems that personalize the author’s view of humanity. Admirable is Hoffman’s decision to remain positive despite life’s obstacles and instead to “chase the gloom of darkness far away.”
                                                        Dr. Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda
                                                           Virginia Poet Laureate Emerita

Released by High Tide Publications. Available via,, and

Contrary Visions

Contrary visions  book cover20160513 25801 14ddwt1
By Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda​

Award-winning poet Peter Klappert describes the book this way:  "It is in a Blakean sense of Contraries that Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo [former name] titles her first book Contrary Visions . . . The people in a number of these poems are deaf or blind or infirm, but the poet knows the world is no less various and intense when the eye is lightless or the ear mute, and she intuits how the senses may complement and supplement each other . . . Kreiter-Kurylo's poems proclaim the beauty and abundance of this world--of memory, history, art and music, of outcasts and exemplars and the fragile, natural economies they inhabit--and as they do so, quietly they celebrate themselves. They are their own best source of wonder."

Death Comes Riding

Death comes riding  book cover20160513 6136 mtc1r4
By Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda

This collection offers a new perspective on spiritual growth. Set against a background of death, history and myth, the poems range from free verse to dramatic monologues and sonnets.

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Gathering Light

Gathering light cover20160713 1501 14odgvt
By Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda

In Gathering Light Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, former Poet Laureate of Virginia, transports us to locales as diverse as Lake Nakuru, Kenya and Machu Picchu, Peru in lyrically intense poems that remind us that the art of seeing, like making a friend, takes time.  “By wandering through countries where the pace of life is slower,” she states, “it’s easier to appreciate the charm of a sun-drenched Inca city high in the Andes, as well as the majesty of a sleek cheetah’s run across an African savanna.”

An accomplished visual artist, Kreiter-Foronda has been influenced by Georgia O’Keeffe, who painted flowers that covered the expanse of a canvas to enable her viewers to notice every detail.  The poems in this collection resonate.  They share the author’s meticulous portrayal of subjects, ranging from Auguste Rodin at work in his studio to a search for the elusive condor in the Bolivian highlands.

A skilled wordsmith, this gifted writer turns poetry into song in the tradition of Yeats, Thomas, Wordsworth, and Keats.    She entices readers out of the world of Facebook and Twitter and allows them to experience the marvels of life they might otherwise miss.

Gathering Light is available on Nook, Kindle, and Kobo at $5.99.

River Country

River country cover1  jpeg20160513 6136 yw7ax7
By Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda​

Eastern Virginia's Tidewater region serves as a microcosm of pristine areas undergoing radical changes detrimental to the environment. The speaker of these poems recognizes the connection to nature and the need to contribute to its survival.

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Seasons of Sharing: A Kasen Renku Collaboration

Seasons of sharing book cover20160713 1501 gmrc0w
By Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda 

Seasons of Sharing offers poetry born of collaboration, poetry that reaches the universal from distant points of planet earth.  Six global partners, communicating by e-mail, create poetry that is immediate, intimate, and modern, carried in an ancient poetic form through the world’s newest means of communication:  the internet. While exploring the richness of seasons, the book metaphorically visits incidents on the world stage, such as climate change, the Arab Spring, and urban violence.  Dr. Joseph Heithaus, professor at DePauw University and author of Poison Sonnets, calls the book “a collaboration of first merit.” Seasons of Sharing includes French, Spanish, German, and Japanese translations.

Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda and Joyce Brinkman with Catherine Aubelle, Flor Aguilera García, Gabriele Glang, and Kae Morii and

The Embrace: Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

The embrace cover20160713 15578 1gn6qn4
By Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda

Winner of the 2014 Art in Literature: Mary Lynn Kotz Award

“From the first to the last page of The Embrace: Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda captures and evokes the spiritual richness and artistic quaking of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and their complicated, love-torn lives. With sumptuous imagery, yet acute precision and detail, the book delves into the artistic, marital and physical struggles of the artists, detailing how Kahlo, who even as she was undergoing painful surgeries and engaging her work, anguished about her husband Diego Rivera’s famous infidelities. . . . With its kinetic energy and bold envisioning, The Embrace is a well-researched, supremely crafted and perfectly executed narrative ‘embrace.’”

––Shonda Buchanan, author of Who’s Afraid of Black Indians? or


Sojourns20160513 25801 putnb0
By Ronald Munro

Sojourns is an integrated collection of poems presented in a progression of five sections:
Prelude, Crusades, Travail, Pilgrimage, and Postlude. Each poem individually is a story or vignette, somewhat in the manner of a parable. The settings for these stories are taken from diverse eras in history and diverse peoples.