Helpful and informative links collected over the past few years.

Links to Helpful Tips for Writers
CBW Group

Fifty (50!) Tools Which Can Help You in Writing-Poynter Institute
Courtesy of Rick Bailey

National Storytelling Network
Storytelling Resources

Writers Digest

Promotion For Self-Publishers:
A Waste Of Time? Suw Charman-Anderson

Tips For Novelists -
by Lee Martin - Courtesy of Greg Lilly

Book Promotion: 7 top tips for promotion on the radio -
Joanna Penn

10 Tips For Taking Feedback On Your Writing-and How to Trust It!
Writers Circle

Writers in the Storm: Nonfiction Submission Tips
Chuck Sambuchino

What is a beta reader and why do I need one?
Belinda Pollard

The 3 Keys to Writing a Children’s Picture Book -

Reading Aloud -
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

6 Social Media Tips for Writers -
The Writers Circle

Famous Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary -
Maria Popova

A Simple Way to Create Suspense
Lee Child from the NY Times Opinionator blog

How Not to Write a Story by J A Konrath
(Helpful and humorous!)