Sunsets & Semicolons--from Creativity to Mechanics to Publishing

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By Greg Lilly

From struggling as a beginning writer and learning everything he could squeeze out of books and articles on creativity, writing, and publishing, Greg Lilly stepped his way from technical trainer and infrastructure architect of a major corporation to magazine editor, fiction author and small press publisher.  The shift from the Information Technology world to a Writer’s Life was a 40th birthday re-invention with some squeaks and bumps along the way.

That perilous journey led Greg to develop and conduct several acclaimed workshops and seminars for aspiring writers. He shares his experiences and techniques – things that worked, not in academia or in New York City, but in the real world of freelancing and query letters and book signings. The kernel of this book came from requests of those workshop handouts and notes.

This is one writer’s life from creativity to craft, staring at sunsets to sweating over semicolons.

This is a field guide to navigating the Writer’s Life.  This guide does not teach how to write, but gives tips from the trenches of writing: developing an idea so it makes it to the page; overcoming writer’s block when the words don’t flow; strengthening the pace of the manuscript so readers are breathless; and finally, how to sell your manuscript to a publisher — from an insider’s viewpoint.

Discover advice from testing an idea for a novel to perfecting a query letter that sells that novel to a publisher – in a frank and revealing Field Guide to the Writer’s Life.

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Time to Write: Discovering the Writer Within After 50

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By Frank Milligan

A complete guide, takes the reader from a vague idea to a finished, ready-to publish manuscript. Whether one can write full-time or simply wants to use writing as one part of an active lifestyle, Time To Write delivers the practical steps necessary to turn the dream of becoming a writer into reality.

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